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History- Established 1975

Phillip's Foote was named after Captain Arthur Phillip who led the first fleet from England to Australia in 1788. He was one of the first white men to set foot on the shores of Sydney Cove, his mission, to set up a British penal colony.

Among convicts on board The Scarborough of the First Fleet was Joseph Tuzo whose descendant Howard Dredge helped establish Phillip's Foote in 1975.

The building formerly housed a sailors bar, customs agent and stable prior to standing derelict for many years until the early 1970's when during Sydney's notorious Green Bans, Phillip's Foote emerged to become what it still is today; an informal eatery with lots of colonial charm and good old fashioned Australian hospitality.

The Rocks

Phillip's Foote is is located in The Rocks. Click here for a map of the Rocks District.

The Rocks is a focal point of Australia's heritage, attracting local visitors and international tourists alike.  At Phillip's Foote you are in the heart of the Rocks, right at the centre of vibrant activity.

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